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UKFB wins Legal Concession
Flood Control International was forced to make an apology after UK Flood Barriers & sister company, Global Flood Defence Systems took legal action against them.
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
Protection for Nuclear Power Station
SAFB Provides Passive Protection for Power Facility
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
Another successful SAFB deployment following our recent installation
Monterrey Galarais, Mexico
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
Tested & proven flood protection in earthquake prone areas
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
SAFB arrives in Cockermouth, UK
UK Flood Barriers’ installation of its pioneering flood defence system in Cockermouth, UK begins
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
Commercial Protection
SAFB provides flood protection to underground car park in Mexico
Self Closing Flood Barrier Antwerp
Global Flood Defence Systems:
Sustainable solutions for a changing climate



Our focus is on sustainable and passive flood defence systems, which require no people,

no power, have zero operational cost and which reduce the impact of flooding worldwide

and alleviate its financial and social cost.


The catastrophic results of extreme global flood events continue to have major damaging effects

in both the developed and the developing world. GFDS, with the world’s most comprehensive

range of flood defence systems, offers flood protection solutions for every eventuality.


Protecting community, infrastructure and property.


no people

no power

no operational cost

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Coming Soon...

Global Flood Defence, the acknowledged hub of innovation for flood defence technology, are launching the world’s most progressive innovation in passive flood defence.

New to the market, this unique design has passed rigorous seismic tests and addresses the needs of a progressively sophisticated client base.

Find out more and register your details to receive exclusive updates ahead of this launch.
Global News
Coming soon...The world’s most advanced innovation in passive flood defence....

SAFB listed in top 5 interesting flood defences...

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Video – Global Flood Events
Flood Barrier Raised
Devastating global flooding events build the case for flood defences
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